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Pricing for Tenants of Parsons Properties

Please Note:

The pricing and contents of this page are applicable ONLY to the Tenants of Parsons Properties.

 DirecTV Package/Feature  Regular DirecTV Cost  Cost at Parsons Properties (Washington St)  Cost at Parsons Properties (all other locations)
 DirecTV Entertainment Channel Package
(over 140 channels) 
$54.99/mo  Free
 DirecTV Choice Channel Package
(over 150 channels)
 $64.99/mo Free  $14.99/mo
 DirecTV Choice Xtra Channel Package
(over 210 channels)
 Free  $24.99/mo
 DirecTV Choice Ultimate Package
(over 285 channels)
  DirecTV Premier Package
(over 285 channels + Premium Movie Channes + Sports Pack channels)
 $124.99/mo  $59.99/mo  $79.99/mo
  HD Access (High Definition) $10.00/mo
Free   Free
  DVR Service $8.00/mo
Free  $8.00/mo
 First Receiver Lease Fee  Varies $100 off
$100 off
  Additional Receiver Lease Fee  $6.00/mo $6.00/mo

Information about DirecTV Receivers:

The first thing to know about receivers is that every household gets a $100 INSTANT REBATE on their first receiver.
Prices for additional receivers indicated below.

There are 3 different types of receivers to choose from. Specific information for each receiver is explained in this section. We recommend th
at your first receiver be the HD DVR since it has the most features, plus with whole-home-dvr service ($3/mo) additional HD receivers in your home can use the HD DVR services

  • High Definition Receiver ($100) - This receiver will allow you to watch HD content. This receiver has no advanced functions like the DVR. However, if this receiver is an "additional" receiver and you have a HD-DVR or Home Media Center Receiver as your primary plus the whole-home-dvr service ($3/mo), then this receiver can access the recorded content from your primary DVR as well.
  • High Definition DVR Receiver ($200) - This receiver also receiver HD content, but adds the DVR function as well which allows you to record TV shows and movies. You are able to set recording schedules up to two weeks in advance, or set the DVR to record all episodes of a particular TV Series. You can record up to two TV shows or movies at the same time.You can also pause and rewind live TV, as well as skip commercials. You also gain the Video-On-Demand service capability and no extra charge.
  • Home Media Center Receiver ($300) - This receiver is the same as the HD-DVR receiver described above with three major differences. The first difference is that you can record up to 5 TV Shows or Movies at the same time, AND you can even watch two programs at the same time with picture-in-picture. The second difference is the storage capacity for recordings is doubled (200+ hours of HD). The third and most exciting difference is that with this receiver in your home you may use up to four TVs with the RVU capability and not even need a receiver hooked up to the TV - the single receiver is sufficient for all four TVs!