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Solar Powered Pool Pumps

Take your pool pump 'off-the-grid' and start saving 10 to 20 kilowatt hours of electricity a day!!

Your filtration pump is one of the most costly household electrical appliances to run. Depending on the size of your pool, to run a standard 1.5HP 240 volt AC pump costs anywhere from $1000 to $2000 in electricity every year. This also means you are contributing in the vicinity of 6 tons of greenhouse emissions each year

This is achieved by solar power pool pump system utilizing high efficiency brush-less DC (Direct Current) motor technology. Furthermore, the  DC motors use 3 phase circuitry, which means they are the most efficient DC motor in the marketplace.

Brush-less DC (Direct Current) motors are almost twice as efficient as AC (Alternating Current) motors, which means that the job of filtering with DC power can be achieved with a much smaller motor, which means fewer panels, which means lower cost. Because there are no brushes required to make the electrical contacts, a brush-less DC motor will outlast its AC equivalent by 2 to 3 times.

A Few Facts

  • A pool pump is one of the largest electricity consuming devices in your home
  • You can run your pool pump directly from the sun
  • DC brushless technology is perfect for solar power
  • DC brushless technology gives you almost double the efficiency of AC technology
  • DC brushless technology gives you 2 to 3 times longer motor life
  • DC brushless technology is much quieter
  • Converting to solar power helps our environment
  • A solar power pool pump system can pay for itself in less than 1 year
  • A solar power pool pump system can run parallel to your existing AC pump or 'stand alone'
  • A solar power pool pump system can save you up to $2000.00 a year
  • Cater for all size pools - models from 17 cubic meters per hour to 31 cubic meters per hour (285 litres / min to 520 litres / min)

    Cost Savings

    Solar pays for itself in just months

    A residential consumer with a conventional pool pump and filter system spends roughly $1.00 to $5.00 every day, or $30 to $150 every month on electricity. Solarr can supplement that expense, and in many cases eliminate it completely. With the rising cost of energy, this savings will only increase!

    The typical Solar customer sees a return on their investment within one year.

    Calculate your monthly savings:

    Pool pump motor volts x motor amps =watts
    Divide by 1000 = (KWH)
    Multiply this by hours a day (run time)
    Multiply by number of days in billing cycle.
    = Number of KWH saved per month
    Multiply by cost of KWH = monthly savings


    Example for a 1.5HP A/C pump

    230 volts x 9.4 = 2162 watts
    2162 / 1000 = 2.162 KWH
    2.162 x 10 hours = 21.62
    21.62 x 30 days = 648.6 KWH/month
    648.6 x .129 cents per KWH = $83.67
    $83.67 X 12months = $1004.04

    $1004 per year savings!!!

    Environmental Savings using a Solar Pool Pump

    How much Pollution will you prevent by using a Solar Pool Pump?

    Monthly KWH X 1.9 lbs = Pounds of Pollutants X 12 = Annual Pounds of Pollution Per Year

    Our Example: 648.6 KWH/Month X 1.9lbs = 1232.34 lbs per month X 12 = 14,788 lbs per year

    Contact us TODAY to get yours!