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Shipping and Fulfillment Policy:

Time to fulfillment of order:  All orders are fulfilled within 3 business days (upon activation of the chip) at the most, but most are usually shipped out (dropped off to UPS) the next business day (this does not mean it will automatically be shipped by next day air.... you choose your shipping speed in the order process). You will receive a tracking number in your email upon shipment. The exception to this rule is for "sim-only" activations which do not require shipment and are usually completed within 1-3 business days (presuming the customer supplied information is valid and correct). In the even that we are not able to fulfill within that timeframe, the customer billing date will be adjusted to the shipping date.

Wilson Cellular Signal Boosters:  All booster related items are shipped from our warehouse in Minnesota via UPS ground shipping with a tracking number unless other special arrangements are made by the customer in advance.

Routers / hotspots / other physical items:  all items in this category are generally shipped with UPS ground shipping with a tracking number. Items are shipped from our main location in Topeka, KS. Customers may ask for "expedited" shipping if they desire, in which case the difference in shipping cost will be billed and charged to the customer. Shipping is never refundable.

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