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Manufacturer's Description

Pro 70 PLUS (Kit Includes: Pro 70 Plus 5-band Amplifier w/ +12db downlink added power, integrated LCD signal strength meter, 314475 - Wide Band Directional Antenna, 311155 - Wall Mount Panel Antenna, 859900 - AC/DC Power Supply 12V/3A, 859992 - Lightning Surge Protector, 951127 - 2 ft. RG11 Cable with F Connectors, 951150 - 50 ft. RG11 Cable with F Connectors, 951175 - 75 ft. RG11 Cable with F Connectors)



5-band all carrier cell phone signal booster

The Wilson Pro 70 Plus Commercial Booster Kit is a 5-band all carrier cell phone signal booster that boosts 2g, 3G, and 4G LTE cell signal in a multistory building or office. It features +70 dB of gain and maxed download power along with Wilson Electronic's patented signal boost technology. This results in 32X amplified signal, 30X coverage area, and 2X the number of simultaneous users when compared to other boosters.
This kit includes the following: Connect 4G multi-band cell phone amplifier/repeater, wide band directional antenna, dual band panel antenna, lightning surge protector, 2ft low-loss Wilson cable, 60ft. low-loss Wilson cable, 75ft low-loss Wilson cable and 120v AC power supply.

Top 11 benefits:

  • Virtually eliminates dropped calls
  • Crystal clear voice quality
  • Quickly send & receive text messages and emails
  • Faster internet data (uploads, downloads, and streaming)
  • Wider coverage area
  • Improved reception
  • Consistent service throughout the office
  • Reliable connection
  • More bars
  • Longer battery life for phone
  • Always on, always connected


How it works?

The Wilson Pro 70 Plus cell signal booster is a complete system that boosts cellular signal in a building. It does this with three main components.

  • The Outside Antenna pulls in the existing weak signal from outside the building.
  • The Amplifier (repeater) boosts the signal with patented technology.
  • The Inside Antenna rebroadcasts the stronger signal inside the building.


More bars. Always connected. Reliable service for business, work, convenience, and emergencies. The Wilson Pro 70 Plus also comes with a lightning surge protector to protect your amplifier from lightning strikes, thunderstorms, and power surges, guaranteeing instant protection to your investment.

Unlike other cell signal boosters, the Wilson Pro 70 Plus comes with a graphical display with self-adjusting hardware and software design that automatically fine-tunes for optimal signal strength.

This reduces installation time, guess-word, and protects the cell towers and device from any overload.

Main cause of poor signal in a building


The majority of poor signal inside a commercial building is usually building material and not distance from the cell tower. This is especially true of the city and other areas with urban development.

Many legacy buildings are built with high-density materials such as thick concrete, brick, and metal which blocks cell signals. Many modern buildings use energy-efficient materials such as radiant barrier and low-energy glass which also disrupts cell signals.

Any combination of these obstructions will interrupt cell signal from getting inside the building. This is why a commercial cell phone signal booster from Wilson Electronics is important for getting more bars instantly for many enterprises.

It takes any signal, enhances it, and bypasses all building obstructions to deliver consistent signal strength.


How a cellular booster improves indoor signals:

Wilson cellular signal booster systems work as follows: an outdoor antenna placed on a building where some cell signal is present, (ideally on a roof or pole), receives and sends that weak signal via coax cable (like used in satellite TV installs) to a signal booster located indoors. That weak signal is amplified by the booster and delivered via coax cable to an inside antenna(s) which rebroadcasts the amplified signal within one or several areas where improved signal is required. Signals from indoor cell device(s) are likewise picked up by the inside antenna(s), amplified by the signal booster and transmitted back to the cell tower via the outside antenna. The improved signals result in reliable cellular connections for indoor users.


Carrier compatibility

Compatible with all 2G, 3G, and 4G services and cellular-enabled devices such as smartphones, iPhone, Galaxy, tablets, iPad, and others.

  • All US carriers (4G LTE & 3G): AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Leap Wireless, C Spire, Metro PCS, etc.
  • All Canadian carriers (4G LTE & 3G): Rogers, Bell, Telus, Fido, Wind, etc.
  • Frequencies: 700MHz (Bands 12/17 and 13), 850MHz (Band 5), 1900MHz (Band 2), and AWS 1700/2100MHz (Band 4).

Wilson Pro 70 PLUS Cellular Amplifier Kit

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