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  • We have the 2 biggest and most requested carriers! YOU pick which you want!

  • AT&T OR Verizon

  • All Standard Plans $99/mo - one simple price!

  • No contract!

  • No credit check!

  • Truly UNLIMITED! No data caps! Never Throttled!

  • NOT satellite, NOT tied to your home! Portable!

  • Nationwide coverage, anywhere in the USA

  • Perfect for gaming and streaming… YES streaming

Kuwfi upgraded

wired router

powerful cell signal

Strong wifi signal

$199 Purchase

(brand new unit)

Mofi 4500 Combo Router

(best of the best)

BEST cellular SIGNAL!

STRongest wifi!

Now only $299!

(highly recommended)

(brand new unit)

$99 purchase

Carrier Specific jetpacks

(various models)


Prices Vary

See store!

$350 purchase

(5g Compatible)


Currently on sale!

Only $99 for first month service!!!

$199 gets you the basic router/modem plus your first month’s service. After that,

$99/mo for service on any carrier you chose!

with no commitment!



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