Why is my limited hotspot or phone hotpot faster that the EZ-COM hotspot? Print

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This is another frequently asked question related to speed.

Please understand first that our hotspots are "high-usage" hotspots meant for use in homes or businesses that need more data than your standard "limited to 30gb" hotspot can provide. So if you have a hotspot on your phone (usually limited to 10gb or 15gb) or a regular limited hotspot (usually limited to about 30gb), those are going to be treated by the network much differently than one that is meant for high usage (for example our Verizon plan that does not even soft-cap until 500gb).

The best explanation for this that we can easily give is that the networks want those "limited" hotspots to use all their data as quickly as possible so you have to buy more (greed is the answer). With our high-usage hotspots, they KNOW that it is going to use much more data, and will do so all month long, and even if you hit the soft-cap that you can keep going at a lower priority. So, while our plans are at a "standard priority" (higher than pre-paid plans for example), the limited plans are set at a "high priority".

Now this is not the ONLY explanation. For example, which band (frequency band) you are connected to, and how congested each band is has a great deal to do with speed as well. For more info on this, please see our other articles here in the knowledge base. Your phone/limited hotspot may be connected to a different band than our hotspot has connected to. By changing the band (a setting in the router) you can try each of the available bands to see which one works best for you.

As a last note on this topic..... for the C4R400 router (primarily Verizon), we have had a lot of customer have troubles with trying to use external antennas, or with connecting other routers/devices to the ethernet port. Our first suggestion is to use the antennas that came with the unit, with nothing connected to the ethernet port.... just connect to it's wifi and try that way. In addition, many "speed tests" are quite unreliable on our services. The only one we suggest is www.speedof.me since it gives both the average speed and the max speed over a series of tests.

Please see our other articles (more added all the time).

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